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A cropped printscreen of the offer web for TGS

Background information

I was approached by a small local startup that focused on delivering a customized intellectual property that wanted me to implement a small web shop for them to manage their payments. Since they were a startup and I ran my company on the side in paralel with my studies they thought we were a good match for our levels of expectation, cost and time constraints.

This project

So we met at a coffee shop and discussed what they knew that they needed, what I felt was missing from a business perspective and we merged those ideas into a concept that we developed quite a lot during our discussion. This was also developed further during phone calls and emails back and forward between me and the client. At first they just wanted a payment gateway but I recommended them to let me build them a simple order management system so that they, themselves could keep track of their orders, their conversations with their clients and take a systematic approach to their business.

Since the client wasn’t to familiar to computers and this was a system that they still needed to work with more or less each day, a great deal of focus was put into the user experience and interaction design part of the system. So that it would be extremely easy to work with. I built in a lot of humor, used a easy tone of voice and bright colors in all the interfaces, as well as in the error messages to make their working day as good as possible.

Site technologies

This internal site was developed using a LAMP architecture using object oriented PHP5, CSS3, @font-face, XHTML 1.1 and with a connection towards the payment provider Payer(former Pay & Read). Here I took heavy focus on security and consulted a couple of security experts to get the solution right and secure enough for the client to work with.

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