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A cropped printscreen of the Ladies Night Event website

Background information

This job was done for a part of the Student Union DISK. DISK is a non-profit organization responsible for representing students in the deciding bodys at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University. They are responsible for enforcing student rights at campus. The Student Union is driven 100% by individuals studying at campus, it has mere two employees that are responsible for our café and reception. Beside the important missions the students of the Student Union also organize recruitment events, publish a campus paper, maintain student health through sport events and parties.

This project

The Ladies Night Event website

The Ladies Night Event website

This project of mine was for one of the parties that are held bi-annualy, it’s hosted every year, but the men and women take turns on organizing and attending the party. This time it was time for the men to organize the womens party.

The issues

So one problem that previously has come up every year; is that we need to make it easy for the attendees to sign up for the party and get a ticket.

We also need an easy way of distributing coherent content so that everyone gets the same information about what is going to happen at the event.

The Solution

Being the web designer I am, it was natural to solve it through a website. The web site was designed with the one primary function of simple sign up. To make it easy on deciding whether to sign up, just next to the sign up form we presented the user with som key points, such as prices, the time and place and what the dress code was going to be.

The online sign up was the single channel through which people could sign up for the event. This was a design decision, if anyone didn’t have access to a computer, there was also a phone number and a place where one could meetup with the organizers to do a manual booking. Since this party included a dinner we needed to know, beside the information of her name, birthday date(for legal reasons), any allergies and preferences regarding beverages during the dinner.

The procedure

The sign up procedure included filling in the form and then getting back an automatic response email that stated that you were signed up. In the sign up confirmation we also included the URL, contact information and reminding information about the key points.

At the same time another email was sent to the organizers so that they got information about the allergies and beverage requests. This made it quite easy for the head chefs to plan different kinds of alternate foods for those participants that hade individual needs.

Client decisions

The event website has the following address,, and is available in it’s orginal state at: Please observe that both sites will be in swedish.

Site technologies

There were no need to use any javascript, it was designed for ease of use but with speed and accessability as the primary focal points. This site was built using a LAMP-platform with procedural PHP5 without any database connectivity. It utilized some CSS3-features but was mainly XHTML1.1 with CSS2.1.

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