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A cropped printscreen of the DISK KM web page

Look before redesign

Look before redesign

Background information

I sat in the board of an non-profit organisation called DISK KM. This is a subsection from the Student Union DISK at my university campus that manage the local student pub. The people that before me have had the position as head of public relations did not always know HTML beforehand and the people that would later on replace me would neither have this knowledge. This website needed to be updated each week with new information of new events, new members and other content.

The Project

So I undertook to redesign and modernize the web page to a fresh setup that had an administrative GUI, easily interchangable themes and some special features for managing members and events.

Client decisions

The design was discussed widely within the organisation among those that cared about it’s appearance and we later on launched a site that most of us was quite happy with.

One of the themes after the redesign

The finished result

It was important to be able to create new themes for easter, christmas and other special times so we constructed a manual on how to add themes to the web site using css and images and made sure that a general theme were produced. Today the web page has three different themes always available and the choice to make the site skinnable has resulted in a very accessible web site that has the presentation split from the content.

Click on the images to see the before and after results or visit the web site at www.disk.su.se/km/. You can also browse the older site in it’s entirety at www.stefan-wallin.se/sites/km/gammal/. The new webpage is also available as I designed it at the following adress: www.stefan-wallin.se/sites/km/

Site technologies

For this project I utilized a home made content management system(CMS) called FSCMS which is not publicly available and the development has now come to an end in benefit for more modern systems. The CMS was based on the LAMP architecture with procedural PHP4, MySQL3 and XHTML1.1 at it’s core.

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