Why the KTH Library no longer should be called a library

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July 9th, 2010 and tagged with Rants

The KTH main campus library entrance It's time for my friday rant. This weeks annoyance is about my local university library. I have not gotten to the root cause of it yet, but last year things were different.

I got this marvelous idea that when my spouse goes abroad in a couple of weeks I could read up on the course literature in Cognitive Psychology before the course even starts so that I’m prepared to ask the correct questions and actually learn this interesting subject in-depth.

So to get the books I browsed the KTH library website to reserve my copies of the books so no other person could snatch them in front of my eyes. The books were available at my local library since it is related only to courses held at my campus. There were a couple of copies of each book so I went ahead towards the “order/reserve”-button and guess if I was shocked!

Earlier, more specifically last august, I borrowed a book from the KTH Library, what I did was that I reserved the book via their online service just as I was about to do this time. Once the book was available I could just pick it up at my campus library. Great service which spares me of trips across the city and works very well in my life flow.

This time however, when I should choose which library I wanted to pick the books up at, only the main campus library was available for choice. The roundtrip to the main library is about 2.5 hours for me instead of just a 10 minute walk to and back home for my local campus library.

So why would they seize this service? Well sometimes students request books that exist in different libraries and have them delivered to their local library. That delivery service costs KTH a fair amount of money since their pickup trucks deliver books between the libraries each day. So if they chose that all books must be picked up from the main library they have in my opinion failed since this actually make them remove the books that I wan’t from my local library and have them moved to a library further away from me.

I’m quite hoping this has to do with summer open hours, since the main library only is open 12:00 to 14:00 and the local libraries are closed. However I saw an article in the soon to be released Student Union magazine that one no longer have the possibility to order books across the city in Stockholm but you have that ability if you live outside of the city.

The only compelling service they have left to offer for me is their group study rooms. So I think it’s time they stop calling them selves a library and instead go with “KTH Study room and copy center”

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