Why Terms?

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August 20th, 2010 and tagged with Content StrategyRantsStatus

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You might have noticed that I’ve started to write posts about different words, or terms if you wan’t. You might also wonder why i would bother to define different terms when one can just Google it or look it up in Wikipedia. I’ll explain the three main reasons for doing this in this article. It might be interesting, but maybe not – have a read anyway would you?

Reason 1 – Egocentric bastard

So well, I am! I like to think that some people actually care what I write and think about. For example if a client is not up to par on a specific term I can always just refer them to my webpage. So it serves as a knowledge base for my customers that I can utilize at my peril.

Reason 2 – Learning process

But it’s also a learning process. It’s a process where I force my self to put my thoughts into words by writing on topics that concern me, either personal, political or work(web related stuff). Many people read and do stuff that others put in their articles, but instead of just consuming, I try to refine and write about what I think could be and improvement to said technique and by that solidifying the concepts, technologies and thoughts which leads me to a better understanding and higher chance of remembrance.

Reason 3 – Content is king

Well, content is king, it is an indisputable fact. This type of content especially since I lift terms that I need to fully grasp in my line of work. It’s also good for SEF-reasons, since it makes my site appear higher up in searches for the stuff that I specialize in.

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