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A cropped printscreen of Maria's web log

Background information

My spouse runs a web log. It is powered by WordPress and hosted on my Debian server. She previously had a quite messy theme(based on Green Light 1.05) where we according to her whishes had added a lot of small images of her self as a photo wall behind the blog. She hade gotten some complaints from her friends that the site was quite messy and not so beautiful and that she might want to redesign it.

This project

The project was to create a new WordPress theme, but she had no idea what she wanted, so I asked her to browse the theme gallery at to find something that resembles what she want’s. We ended up with Aesthete 1.2.1 which we used as a boilerplate. On top of that we added a background, some style additions, custom font headline generation. The masthead was decorated by a beautiful photograph from a photo shoot that we had attended at TheStudio. A great deal of work went into the visual details and the background of the photo took a great amount of time in photoshop.

Site technologies

This theme was developed using the Aesthete theme as a boilerplate, with addition of some good plugins, a lot of photoshop work, a lot of CSS2-work and some PHP special snippets.

You can visit the site at and take a look for your self.

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