Telephone messaging

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A small print gathered from the user interface

Background information

One of my clients grew a small bit and wanted a good way for the secretary to keep track of all incoming calls. Prior to my involvement this was being managed through a Microsoft Word document, the trouble here was that there would always be someone that had the file open with a write lock on that file. This prevented continuous collaboration in this document. Since I already was there IT consultant they asked me for help.

Client decisions

Cheep! They did not want to put a lot of money into this project, we stopped at roughly 1500 sek in all for this project not including installation, training and support. So no money was spent on interoperability, visual design or

The project

I churned away at a web application that where to be run on their intranet load balanced by two local existing windows machines. The reason for load balancing is primarily to secure the data and to provide high availability. I implemented it fairly quickly, in about two days with a lookup of phone numbers connected to two local online phone book web sites.

Site technologies

This site was WAMP-based using object oriented PHP 5, XHTML 1.1, CSS2.1 without any fancy pancy smoking guns.

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