Summer times – Good times

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July 3rd, 2010 and tagged with GeekeryInteraction DesignRantsWeb Development

A picture of a studio microphone.

So, today it’s 30°C here, in the shadow!

On that notice I’ll let you in on some personal news, I’ve started riding my bike to and from work. In the summer season I study less but work more, it suits very nice indeed, I earn money to keep me going the rest of the year and get some taste on real life.

Riding my bike enables me to live better, during the summer i get a sunburn without spending time outside on a blanket(so I luckily avoid screen-glare! :D), I get some exercise without having to set time of to go to the gym(time I instead can spend coding) and best of it all, I get time to catch up with my podcasts. So I thought I’d share with you my current subscriptions:

Subscriptions, schmubscriptions!

Well, if you didn’t know, Listen, is a great Android app that syncs with Google Reader so I can easily manage my podcasts from within Reader. It can automatically fetch new episodes for you if you set it to.


The greatest and best podcast in my opinion, you have Paul Boag, web guru and marketing genius that sits and rants with his boss and colleagues about all things web. They very often have great guests, such as Jeffrey Zeldman and Kevin Rose among other web wizards.

Unfortunately they’ve just stopped producing this fabulous podcast, and according to them, the show is on a, for at least, six months break. After that they claim to come back and produce something new and better. In my opinion every show is solid GOLD.

They have for now produced 216 episodes, and since episode 200 they have chunked up the show into byte sizes so that people who mind that mindless banter can focus on the core content. I however quite enjoy the chatter during my bike ride. I’m currently listenening through the archive and has come to episode 196 starting backwards.

SitePoint » Podcast

The SitePoint Podcast is run by a couple of australian lads over at SitePoint which is one of Australia’s main web developing communities. They have quite a thriving forum and are on top of the current political debates and trends in the web business. This is my goto podcast when I have the urge for web news. They have currently produced 68 episodes and counting.

The Big Web Show

A very good new startup show featuring Jeffrey Zeldman and Dan Benjamin that also has a video stream. I however have decided that it’s more efficient to just listen and not having to set my eyes fixed to a video of faces. A nice touch though!

Think Vitamin Radio

An even more recent startup from Carsonified is Think Vitamin Radio, or TVR for short. I’ve just listened to the first couple of episodes, but the sound was so low that I hardly could here what they said with the volume slider way up there.