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November 3rd, 2010 and tagged with Interaction DesignPhonesWeb Trends

Android logo and plush bag Currently developing an android application to enable photo sharing to my private image gallery.

I have a personal web gallery, who doesn’t? Well, I want to be able to upload my images from my android phone, so have recently(october 2010) started to develop an android sharing application. You’ll know more about it once it’s beginning to take shape. But it is basically you average photo sharing app.

Early November 2010

Just added a small image to show off the primary GUI. This is achieved by finding an image, either through the camera or through the album and chossing to share it. The plan is that the application will be given a URL, password and username parameters and also the possibility to change the name of the parameter that contains the file so that Medi8or will be compatible with uploading to other places.

This app was under under development on my spare time but when I changed from Android the interest of developing the app was lost.

Cover image courtesy of Flickr user laihiu. Original image can be found at Flickr.

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