Linowski Tool Presets for the Interactive Sketching Notation

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July 16th, 2010 and tagged with Interaction DesignSketching

A sketch made with the presetAt the end of November last year I bumped in to the IA-blog of a Canadian guy called Jakub Linowski, who has been working on a exciting project called the Interactive Sketching Notation. In his blog post about the notation he asks for comments regarding the notation.

A picture showing off my list of presets for the Linowski Interactive Sketching Notation version 0.1

Click the image for a full view of the presets

I might not have the most experience with this notation yet, but I recently started working on some wireframing for a new project where I tended to use this sketching notation. More will come on this project soon but for now I would like to share my photoshop presets for this notation. It’s mostly brushes but I’ve also done two text presets that I’ve found useful. The preset is no way near finished, so I’ll state version 0.1 for compatibility with Jakubs current published PDF on the matter.

For now you can download and try out the presets here for you self! The tool presets is done with Adobe Photoshop CS4 and is best used with a image resolution of 72dpi to get decent sizes for the brushes…

In the presets I’ve included red, black, turquoise and grey in a couple of different shades, tips and sizes. One prominent brush is the felt marker Felt pen blue which has a narrow but tall brush tip, and hence is most useful for marking text or doing underlines for headings.

Download the presets!

The text styles use the font Handwriting – Dakota to get this sketchy feeling, you could substitute this typeface with any sketchy font of your choice. I could recommend the font-family Sketchetik wich is highly legible but still a bit sketchy. It has a free weight called Light which you find over at the MyFonts website