Google Chrome Location Bug

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April 11th, 2011 and tagged with

I experimented with the GeoLocation API this morning and found a quirk.

According to it’s supposedly supported in Firefox 3.5, Firefox 4.0, Chrome 8, Safari 5 and Opera 11. But with just using the navigator.geolocation-object I’ve gotten it to work out of the box with only Firefox 4.0, Opera 11 and Chrome 8. Both Firefox 3.5 and Safari 5 just give me a blank stare.

And it works surprisingly well in Firefox 4.0 and Opera 11 with accuracy down to 80 meters. In Google Chrome however, the accuracy is at 122 000 meters. No, thats not a typo, it’s at 122 000 meters! The most interesting part of this is that in Opera you have to agree to use Google’s location service to enable geolocation. So Google is licensing it’s product to Opera, and yet Opera gets better results.


The code is available at

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