My Persona

This is my “faux” persona (read up on personas here), which is my take to in a manner natural for me, explain who I am, what defines me and what I do in my spare time. It’s partly faulty since it’s not based on market research, so try to think of it more as a fun way to find out who I am.

Stefan Wallin


A picture of me

  • age: 25
  • occupation: Front End Web Developer
  • studied: Human Computer Interaction
  • family: Wife Maria, no children.
  • lives: Kista, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • beer/wine: Hard Cider
  • mac/pc: Mac!
  • stylus/pen: Wacom Bamboo One Pen & Touch
  • phone: Apple iPhone 5


Stefan dreams of having a healthy and loving family of four, two adults and two kids, which he can spend time with in and around his own house. Maria is an avid blogger, you can read her writings at

God morgon världen!! På väg till jobbet lite tidigare än vanligt - most recent tweet

He routinely blogs about the features, location, design and plans of their house on his house blog;


Hang out with friends and family, go skiing, ride snow scooters, go fishing and enjoying great designs(mostly product design, web design and architecture).

He also likes to do garden work, build and refurbish both furnitures and house features, he has nothing against getting his weak desk working hands dirty. But as soon as the work is done, every tool goes back to it’s own home.

Another big passion of his is digital photography, he photos with a Nikon D60 DSLR with which he documents his spare time.

During his computer science studies at Stockholm university he was much involved with the local Student Union, DISK, for whom he constructed a couple of websites.

He also likes traveling, but mostly staying at good hotels off the main streets and enjoying really good food, perhaps with a half decent single malt as well.

Political standpoints

  • Pro web standards
  • Against e-patents
  • Everyone is welcome
  • Pro nuclear power
  • Live sustainable
  • Work > living on subsidies

What is a persona?

The persona, in the interaction design context, is a technique used to profile web page visitors or users towards which an interactive system is targeted. The making of personas is always done from actual data from actual people and then compiled into archetypes, not stereotypes! This profiling is done so that interaction designer, front-end developers and graphical designers always can make informed decisions in relation to actual visitor. A persona is detailed and has a lot of personality but is usually graspable by just looking at it. It is used in much the same way as the police investigation boards with pinned up heads and connections you always see in the profiler-movies.