Different means of reaching me

If you want to hire me, just get in touch or get to know me, i hope that my persona, my portfolio and my curriculum vitae or CV(currently in swedish only) can speak for them selves.

But if you need some more meat on your stick you’d to best to do a quick googling, check out my LinkedIn profile and browse through my slough of tweets and since I’m a front-end developer, you might also wan’t to check out my github stream showing my recent public activity.

If you still have not settled your urge of intel on my person I’d recommend you to send an email, call or write a plain old letter. Most appreciated is of course vintage post cards from exotic places ;)

email: stefan.w@stefan-wallin.se
phone: +46 (0) 709-529.036
msn: admin@stefan-wallin.se
gtalk: festiz@gmail.com
icq: 126821160
address: Koldinggatan 6, 2tr
S-16446 KISTA

“Your help is invaluable to me” – A client, december 2008

The history of my business – Festiz WebbyrĂ„

In august 2005 a whole summer had past along with numerous offers(5 was at the time a high number) of freelance jobs to rebuild or create new web sites for small companies with 1-10 employees. So to not miss out on any opportunities I decided to start my own business and start paying tax. I did this in the same phase as when I started studying at Stockholm University to become a systems developer.

At that time my thought was to grow the company under my economic shelter of the student loans which made sure that I always could provide for myself and have a roof over my head and food on the table. However, I quickly learnt that people are often out fishing for contacts without being sure of what they need or want. Needless to say, I didn’t at that time get any clients to work with for my main focus.

In september of 2005 I read on a university message board that a previous student had worked with tech support with two small agencies and needed a replacer who could shoulder and continue the work and support for these companies. This was my corporate breakthrough and gave me a good experience.

Current situation

Since then I have continued to expand my business and today have over ten clients of different sizes all from 1-1000 employees per company. I consult these companies in different fields of Information technology. For most of them it regards tech support and web site management, but some has employed me as the single person responsible for their presence on the web whilst other has employed me for totally different tasks. Currently Festiz WebbyrÄ can offer consultancies within these different areas:

I’ve with this situation reached a good balance between my studies and my work load. I have enriched my life with tremendous amounts of experience on how people interact with each other, with machines and the software within them. I have also gained a low level of tolerance for software that do not “just work“.

Moving forward

So what do I wan’t with my professional and personal future? Well if you’ve had a look at my house blog you all know that I wan’t to build a great house for me and my family. But I also wan’t to move further north, towards my spouses family, to able to spend more time with them without the need for travel. I’m hoping that I can push the envelope hard enough this fall(the fall of 2010) so that I can finally get my Degree of Master of Science (One Year) in Computer and Systems Science and then get ready to move to Sundsvall with my Spouse. However, she won’t have finished her studies until summer of 2011, so I should not need to feel any stress.

My dream job would probably be to be an interaction designer within a smaller web design agency. However I realize that I need to be multifaceted and still do front-end and back-end developing for some clients to make the salary keep coming.